Sex and the City Set: Charlotte, We Found You!


Filming continues. We promise we will try not to report exhaustively on scenes and photos from the Sex and The City set (unless you want us to, wink wink) and spoil the entire movie for you a la Gossip Girl season 3, but we just had to let you know, we’ve found Charlotte!…At where else? Bergdorf Goodman. She was probably perusing the Chanel section past the shoes on the second floor, while Carrie snubbed the Manolo Blahnik quarters to head toward the right side of the upbound escalator to try on every six-inch heel in Louboutin land. (See that, Carrie, I know the precise location of every second-floor shoe designer at Bergdorf Goodman, too.)

Our first Charlotte sighting is everything we expected (pearls, diamond ring, matching tennis bracelet) and more. More pink. Bubble gum pink. She is literally donning no other color. None. Short sleeved skirt suit (emulating Michelle Obama, are you?), matching Dior purse…and pink stacked Loubes. Are we losing it? We think you look adorable. Especially because of your facial expression, demonstrating a hint of classic-Charlotte-neurosis. What’s the matter, Char? BG sold out of 800 thread-count Egyptian cotton? No more fro-yo at the bar on 5F? Tear.

In the meantime, here’s another photo from the same set to bring a little sunshine to your pre-Fashion Week hectic Wednesday. Miranda, did you get a promotion? YSL tribute pumps! In suede! Samantha, did you lose your mind? Your shoes are basically CLOGS.


See you on set!