Sex and the City Set: Brace Yourself


One word: walkman.

Sex and the City will probably feature some sort of flashback scene where the girls travel back to 1988. If that’s not the case, we don’t know how else to explain the neon-a-thon and influx of large hair on set. First Carrie, now Samantha…what will Charlotte look like?

Seems as though Sam’s duds are merely a reflection of her current personality. Red patent leather boots, fishnet leggings, huge hair…are you thinking what we’re thinking? 42nd Street. Hookers-R-Us. Once a promiscuous girl, always a promiscuous girl? Take off your top! Just kidding.

We thought a lot about how to present this photo: add a snarky comment, crack an inappropriate joke or two or three (I couldn’t resist), give her some fashion tips, tell her to tweet @SCStylist…but no. Instead, we’ll just say: Happy Wednesday.

We do however, want to hear what you think. Put your blogging-cap on, post a comment below and we just might feature what you have to say on the article. It’s true, pictures are worth a thousand words, but in this case, 350 characters will do.

See you on set, don’t forget your jean vest (seriously).