Sex And The City Filming Begins


Now that the open casting call is over and the 5,000 or some odd people were sifted through, hand picked, and of course commented on by none other than StyleCaster, the filming can begin.

Carrie looks fabulous in this semi-sheer white dress. Accessorized with the cutest Chanel clutch, and decked out with gorgeous necklace. Oh, and the most amazing pair of sparkling Louboutin’s. (Way to spread your fashion wings outside the realm of Manolo Blahnik!)


However, behind the scenes, we are well aware that all is not as glamorous as it seems. SJP and Kim Cattrall, best gal pals on screen are far from it when the cameras aren’t rolling. The issue: Sarah, who is busy with her surrogate-born twins doesn’t have time to console co-star Kimmy, who just recently went through a rough break up with Alan Wyse.

image reports, “Sarah is too busy to comfort Kim or worry about her problems at the moment, and she basically told her as much. Kim didn’t take this too well and there is a very frosty atmosphere between the girls right now. They only speak to each other when absolutely necessary. The film producers are hoping this row doesn’t escalate and threaten the entire movie.”

We hope the ladies work it out, as we are über excited for SATC 2.