Kim Cattrall Finally Reacted to the ‘Sex and the City’ Revival Without Samantha

Sex and the City
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Say goodbye to Samantha Jones. Kim Cattrall reacted to the Sex and the City reboot news, and it doesn’t look like we’ll see her reprise her role as Samantha Jones anytime soon.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported in December 2020 that a Sex and the City limited series is in the works for HBO Max. A month later, in January 2021, Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed that three of the four original Sex and the City stars will, in fact, return for an SATC miniseries titled, And Just Like That. These three stars, of course, include Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York.) The only main cast member not set to return is Cattrall, who played Samantha from seasons 1 to season 6 of the HBO series.

SJP announced the news in an Instagram video of New York City, which she captioned with: “I couldn’t help but wonder… where are they now? X, SJ @HBOMax @JustLikeThatMax #AndJustLikeThat #SATCNextChapter.” The miniseries, which will start filming in the spring of 2021, will follow Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte in their 50s. So what does Cattrall think of all this? Well, the actress has yet to speak out about the reboot, but she did like a post on January 11, 2021, supporting her after news of the miniseries.

“I absolutely love Sex and the City and whilst I am saddened that Samantha will not return, I applaud doing what is best for you and think this is great example of putting yourself first,” the tweet read. “Well done @KimCattrall.”

SJP confirmed that Cattrall wasn’t set to return after she tagged only Davis and Nixon in her Instagram announcement. In her Instagram comments, Parker responded to a fan who claimed that Cattrall wasn’t coming back because SJP “dislikes” her. “No. I don’t dislike her. I’ve never said that. Never would. Samantha isn’t part of this story, but she will always be a part of us. No matter where we are or what we do. X,” SJP wrote back.

Parker also echoed a fan who told her that she would miss Cattrall and Samantha in the reboot. “We will too. We loved her so,” SJP commented.

Sex and the City fans shouldn’t be surprised that Samantha won’t be in the reboot. In a 2019 interview with The Daily Mail, Cattrall said that she has no plans to ever reprise her role as Samantha. “It’s a no from me,” she said. “You learn lessons in life and my lesson is to do work with good people and try and make it fun.” Her comment come after her feud with Parker, whom she slammed in 2017 after SJP confirmed that a third Sex and the City movie was cancelled due to Cattrall’s choice not to return to the franchise. “I hate to be a spoilsport, but what would the next story be? Whether you liked it or not, the reality is, authentically—there were not alternative facts here! — there was backlash,” Cattrall told Entertainment Tonight in 2017 following the news of Sex and the City 3‘s cancellation. “The reality of what [a third movie] would be—there’s nothing concrete.”

Sex and the City

Image: New Line Cinema/courtesy Everett Collection.

When rumors first circulated about the reboot, Cattrall seemed to react to the news in an interview with Women’s Prize, where she said that she feels “lucky” to have played Samantha but has no interest in every playing her again. “It was a lot of fun and I loved it and being in new territory is always exciting. I felt like we were,” she said. “Walking away, even if it’s the only thing to do, you always feel, it’s a bit of shame, I think. The taste of shame and you have to let go of that. You don’t want to become that caged bird.”

Cattrall also responded to backlash she received for not wanting to reprise her role as Samantha. “I remember getting a lot of grief on social media for not wanting to do a film. It was astonishing some of the things people wrote to me—’I work in a bank and I don’t like this person and I don’t like the hours, but I do it. So you just do it!'” Cattrall said. “Give me what I want. I do it. I’m miserable, you be miserable too.”

Cattrall went on to say that she feels “lucky” to have the “choice” not to play Samantha again. “I’m lucky enough to have the choice, not that I haven’t worked for it. I have,” she said. “It’s something I feel very lucky to have and I’m very protective of it. I wouldn’t be any good doing something that I really didn’t want to do.”

She continued, “I want to use my platform to tell stories about women my age who have gone through loss. Loss is the biggest headache for my ’60s so far, I’ve lost my father. I’ve lost my brother.”

Sex and the City is available to stream on HBO Max. A release date for the reboot hasn’t been announced.

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