Miranda’s Son on ‘Sex and the City’ Is All Grown Up

thebatteryco / YouTube

thebatteryco / YouTube

Some people are a Carrie, some people are a Charlotte, blah, blah, blah. But! Instead of being forced to choose a female archetype, the hosts of the web series “Battery Company” are clearly Bradies. Brady Hobbes, if your “Sex and the City” glossary could use a refresher, is the love child of uptight lawyer Miranda Hobbes and easygoing bartender Steve Brady. He was played, as a redheaded baby, by Joseph Pupo, who’s now the teenager—still red—in the photo above.

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Joseph hasn’t acted since he was scarred for life by appeared in 2010’s “Sex and the City 2,” but the hosts of Battery Company found him and fangirled in this hilarious interview during which they grill him about his nonexistent memories from the SATC set, ask whether he’s an Aidan or a Big, and pose other very important questions. Watch it below.

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