Listen up my lovely friends from outside of New York City, my favorite store on Mercer in Soho has just joined the year 2008. SEVEN New York has just launched their ecommerce boutique. Check it now, check it often, and before you log off tonight, check it again. All of those hard to find designers that you salivate over on your impeccably dressed friends can be found here. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Seven before, but I longed for this store to stay on my “secret shopping” list for as long as possible. Now you know and when StyleCaster launches, we can share our purchases with each other, gush about future buys and discover how our own StyleCaster guest stylists would work the pieces into their wardrobe. Can’t wait.

Oh! And although that black knotted miniskirt I’ve been living in from Christian Wijnants is officially sold out, you will never have to ask me again where in the world you can find his pieces online.