14 Brilliant ‘Sesame Street’ Videos That Parody TV Shows and Movies

We don’t need to tell you how awesome “Sesame Street” is. At once educational and really, really funny, the children’s show—which has been on the air since 1969—has mastered the art of taking the TV shows, music, movies, and cultural characters that everyone’s talking about, and appropriating them into digestible, kid-friendly skits with a valuable lesson attached (that never, ever feels like school.)

The show has a knack for picking its parodies wisely, choosing entertainment that the target audience’s parents (read: you, or your friends who have kids) are consuming, binge-watching, and generally buzzing about.

Here, we decided to look back and pull together 13 brilliant “Sesame Street” videos that use our favorite characters to parody TV shows and movies we’re all familiar with, including those based on “Homeland,” “Sons of Anarchy,” Anderson Cooper, “Mad Men,” and more.

“House of Bricks” (Spoofs “House of Cards”)
The lesson: Frank Underwolf tries to destroy the houses of three little pigs, but ends up getting his own house of cards blown down.

EMC’s Mad Men (spoofs AMC’s “Mad Men”)
The lesson: What it means to get really mad.

Sons of Poetry (spoofs “Sons of Anarchy”)
The lesson: Finding rhyming words for poems.

Homelamb (spoofs “Homeland”)
The lesson: The agents try to find the Big Bad Wolf.

Upside Downton Abbey (spoofs “Downton Abbey”)
The lesson: What upside down means

True Mud (Spoofs “True Blood”)
The lesson: Things that rhyme with mud.

“The Hungry Games: Catching Fur” (spoofs “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”)
The lesson: Figuring out patterns, and eating.

Twin Beaks (spoofs “Twin Peaks”)
The lesson: Asking questions to mysteries gets you answers!

GNN (Anderson Cooper spoofs CNN)
The lesson: The letter G.

RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation (spoofs “CSI”)
The lesson: Rhyming, of course.

“The Voice “
The lesson: What a voice actually is

Law and Order: Special Letters Unit (spoofs “Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit”)
The lesson: The characters search for the missing letter M.

Birdwalk Empire (spoofs “Boardwalk Empire”)
Lesson: Birds, essentially

G (spoofs “Glee”)
The lesson: The Letter G

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