Serena’s Hair Chains–I Want Them


Over the weekend, I caught up on everything I’ve missed out on whilst in the trenches of fashion week. This includes, of course, DVR’ed episodes of everyone’s favorite show, Gossip Girl. i’m not usually totally enamored by the girls’ outfits on the show the way a lot of people seem to be, mainly because while they look great on-screen, I can’t wrap my head around actually wearing them in real life. However, when I caught sight of Serena/Blake Lively’s get-up for the fictional White Party they all attended in the Hamptons, I couldn’t help but covet the accessories she was donning. Specifically, I LOVED the delicate silver chains wrapped around her hair.

Now, through the miracle that is Google, I’ve figured out that her long white dress is Oscar de la Renta. It’s gorgeous. But I can’t seem to find out who makes the all-important hair accessory. Any guesses?

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