Serafina in NYC: Roberto Cavalli Sits Down…And Orders Mexican from Next Door.


Give the great designer what he wants! It would be an honor to have Roberto Cavalli eat at any restaurant, and if he orders delivery from the place next door? Well, if both restaurants have the same owner, it’s not so bad. The owner of Serafina in New York happens to know Cavalli and wasn’t surprised by the request made recently at a lunch outing where Cavalli was accompanied by models, which couldn’t hurt the case. When the craving for guacamole hits, there is no substitution, so if the rest of your party requests Italian, be sure Cavalli is your table mate. He will order it and it will be delivered.

Is it going too far to request delivery from next door? Sure, special treatment for celebrities is commonplace, but could Roberto truly not decide upon any Italian menu-item? And furthermore, can we all expect the same treatment now that the word is out about this special delivery? The owner of Serafina Italian Restaurant and Manana Mexican Restaurant should have considered the possibility that we might all start making similar requests. However, our non celebrity status might keep us from actually getting the guac.

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