Wait, What?! You Can Buy An Entire Town in California For the Price of a Few Birkin Bags

Julie Gerstein
seneca california for sale for $225,000 less than a NYC apartment

Well, it’s not as pretty as a Birkin.

Got a spare $225,000 sitting around? You could spend it on a couture gown, or a few Birkin Bags, or maybe a small studio apartment in New York City. Or you could literally buy your own town.

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Seneca, California, is a small ghost town in Northern California comprised of 12 acres. There’s not much actual property in the town — just a few small run down cabins — but it does contain one bar with a liquor license, so that’s something. And it’s on the market for just $225,000, according to an ad on Craigslist we spotted.

The town’s current owners have listed the property for sale, and say that Seneca once hosted a “Woodstock of the West” music festival in the ’70s. The town is situated next to a “Chinese-built gold mine,” but whether or not there’s any mineral deposits left, it’s hard to say.

Seneca, claims the listing, is possibly the last private acreage available within a national forest, and definitely the last with a liquor license. Though potential buyers should beware that “A big tree is growing up through the porch of the bar,” and that getting to and from town can be a bit of a challenge — the northern access is “scary [and] features maybe 1000-foot drops into a gorge.”

On second though, dropping it all on a few Birkin bags doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

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