This Semolina Tahini Porridge Recipe Makes Winter Mornings Bearable

fanny the foodie semolina porridge

Photo: Courtesy of Fanny Frey

Hey there! It’s Thursday afternoon already. I can’t believe how fast those weeks have gone by. I guess one of the reasons the weeks have gone by so quickly is the fact that I am finally getting to do things I enjoy. I enjoy university, I enjoy blogging a lot, and I enjoy inventing numerous new recipes each week. Not just one, not two, a few!

One of those recent inventions was a rather coincidental creation. I wanted to use some kind of nut butter, yet I was so over the usual peanut/almond/cashew butter, which I have been having way too often recently. I was going through my cupboard, and I spotted a half-empty jar of tahini. Tahini: Something I usually mix into my hummus, sometimes I even add it to a ratatouille or as a plain topping for baked veggies. Yet, I have never spent a thought on adding it to something sweet. Why? I don’t know, I really don’t.

But to my surprise, tahini mixed into a sweet semolina porridge tastes just divine, especially with a few chunks of extra-dark chocolate. That combination: heaven on earth!

Believe me guys, you’ll love this, I can’t even describe how amazing this tasted. I mean, I always love my breakfasts, but I was literally sitting there eating this and questioning myself, how I could have gone without this for so long. Mouthgasm guaranteed!

You might have spent a few minutes of your precious time reading this, maybe you just scanned through it or you might have even skipped the whole part of me rambling it to head straight to the recipe. Whatever you did, I’m sharing the recipe anyway.

Serves 2


1.7 ounces spelt semolina
350 ounces water
¼ cup soy yogurt
2 tsp tahini
½ vanilla bean


2 dried figs, sliced
1 passion fruit
2 squares of 99 percent chocolate
Sesame seeds


2 tbs chia pudding (recipe for my basic chia pudding will follow)


  1. Add semolina, water, soy yogurt, tahini, and the seeds of the vanilla bean, as well as the rest of the bean, into a saucepan. Let it come to a bubble while stirring continuously.
  2. Let the mixture thicken, then pour into two bowls and top with passion fruit pulp, dried figs, chocolate and sesame seeds. I also had some chia pudding in my fridge so I added a spoonful of it as well, yet this is absolutely not necessary.

Voila: A delicious, warming yet super-quick breakfast for those times you want a warming breakfast yet time is running and you need to get out of the house quickly. The fact that this is prepared in such a short time will actually extend the time frame you’ve got available for the best and most precious time of the day, breakfast! I absolutely adore breakfast time. I love taking time to prepare a beautiful breakfast bowl, and I love having lots of time to enjoy my prepared delicacy.

Fanny the foodie semolina porridge

Photo: Courtesy of Fanny Frey

Anyways. It’s Thursday night, I’m off to get some stuff done, tomorrow’s Friday already and just another two finger flicks and the weekend will be over already. So enjoy, have fun!


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