Sell your Seoul


The global economy is collapsing around us like dominoes falling after the first tumble, but this is no game. It may seem frivolous to think about fashion in a time of financial crisis, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the luxury sector and fashion industry in general can end up being a powerful tool when it comes to rebuilding an economy.

Case in point, Seoul Fashion Week, which began today in South Korea, is this city’s attempt at carving out a niche for itself within the emerging global fashion market. The metropolitan government of Seoul threw substantial financial support behind the Seoul Collections, as the shows of Korea’s top designers were called, and the women’s wear sector kicked off today with shows by four internationally well-known Asian designers.

From New York was Vietnamese born designer Thuy Diep, whose collection, Thuy, of a gazillion functional, gorgeous separates was also shown at Bryant Park in September to critical acclaim.

Eley Kishimoto, the husband-wife design team based in London, showed a collection full of saccharine dresses channeling bedtime fairytales.

Ravage, by Raj Shroff and Neetu Gupta, was a colorful parade of Himalayan inspired embroidered layers, with contrasting colors evoking elaborate palimpsests in fabric.

Korean designers Steve J & Yoni P, whose line is based in London, rounded out today’s schedule. Keep checking back for more news from Seoul fashion week in the days to come!

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