Resale Guide: Where To Sell Your Clothes Online


Unless you’re blessed with a space that’s big enough to hold your warm-weather and cold-weather clothes, odds are you’re pretty familiar with cleaning out your closet. That said, you might also be familiar with the act of standing knee-deep in piles of skirts, shirts, sweaters, and sequined dresses, only to realize they’re doing nothing for you anymore but taking up valuable real estate.

Sure, you could shove everything back into your closet with the hopes of liking it better in a year or two (won’t happen), or deal with the  judgmental clerks at your local thrift and consignment stores (annoying), but if you’re a real-deal shopper looking to make room in your closet for new threads, your best bet is to go the resale route and sell your unwanted clothing online. Forget eBay and Etsy (though those sites are great): there are loads of easy-to-use and streamlined online consignment and resale sites that optimize your chances of raking in the cash (and maybe getting some cool gear in return). Read on for our favorites, and find the one (or three) that’s right for you!


Bib + Tuck
The Gist: This members-only marketplace has established itself as a hip community where women can shop without spending. They can sell (“Bib”) and buy (“Tuck”), but the catch here is that you’re not really selling or buying—you’re swapping.
How It Works: List items you’re ready to part with and upload cool, styled photos of your garments. Decide what they’re worth and assign a price that will be paid in virtual money (“bucks.”) You receive bucks when another member purchases one of your items. When that happens, you’ll receive an email with a prepaid mailing label. Put the item in a USPS box, stick on the label, and mail it. The virtual bucks you just got will be attributed to your account, and you can use it to buy other members’ stuff.
Things to Know: You automatically get 10 bucks for joining, but you need an invite code to do so. Also—sorry, guys—it’s just women’s clothes and accessories. One particularly pleasant reason to start Bibbing and Tucking: The site will now donate $1 from every purchase to Charity:Water.


The Gist: An online marketplace with a social media twist. All buyers and sellers are linked to their Facebook page, Twitter account, and personal blogs, so when a buyer checks out an item, it’s easy to see how she’s connected to the seller. The site also provides personalized shopping feeds based on preferences taken from various social networks, and offers items for both women and men.
How It Works: Sellers use the site’s one-page photo upload and description form, and when an item sells, Copious takes a marketplace fee of 6%.
Things to Know: No invite code is needed, just a Facebook or Twitter account (co-founder Jonathan Ehrlich used to be head of FB marketing, and the site has some pretty serious investors).


The Gist: A site to buy and sell pre-owned real-deal designer goods, Klury has to accept items you want to purge (kind of like a higher-end online version of Beacon’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange), and they list the items.
How It Works: To sell, you fill out a quick form and upload a picture of the item. From there, Klury will make you an offer and, if you accept, you print a pre-paid postage label and sends the goods directly to Klury. After they inspect and authenticate your things, a check or store credit is issued to you immediately. Then, the item is professionally cleaned and posted on Klury for another fashion lover to buy.
Things to Know: Klury accepts designer items that are no more than five years old, and the original retail price of what the site buys must be $200 or more.


Material Wrld
The Gist: This site is an international online fashion community where you can shop people’s “closets” from around the world. Plus, there’s a cute feature called “closet roulette” that lets you discover people’s closets at random.
How it Works: Sellers list items they want to post themselves, and select a preferred shipping method. When your item is bought, you’ll get an email notification. Also interesting: You can upload not-for-sale stylish items you own to get general fashion props and gain followers from the site’s global community who dig your style.
Things to Know: Once an item sells, Material Wrld charges a 15% transaction fee. Also, if you’re interested in buying not selling, the items you snag will automatically be saved to your profile in case you ever want to relist them for sale.


The Gist: A mobile resale fashion marketplace (here’s the app) designed to appeal to the Instagram generation.
How It Works: Sellers can create free listings by snapping pictures from their iPhones of items they want to sell, and making them pop with unique filters. Once your items sells, Poshmark sends you a pre-paid mailing label, and you can withdraw your cash from the Poshmark app without additional charges. The app also hosts fashion “parties,” which are real-time themed events (animal Prints, designer handbags, vintage, etc.).
Things to Know: When your item sells, a 20% commission will be deducted.


The Gist: This is a mobile marketplace (here’s the app) designed to appeal to social media-savvy users.
How It Works: Photos of items you want to sell can be uploaded from your phone, or from Facebook and Instagram. When your items sell, you receive a prepaid shipping package and label, and call for pick up. If you’d rather not be bothered with listing items, opt for the “white glove” service that does the photography, uploads, pricing and shipping for you—all you need to do is request the service, and a box with a shipping label is sent directly to you, and you’ll receive 60% of the total for items that sell.
Things to Know: On regular items that sell (not White Glove), you’ll be charged 20% commission. Plus, if you’re a buyer, shipping is free.


The Gist: An easy-to-use new site that allows sellers to upload images of items they want to sell in about 60 seconds.
How It Works: Upload gently-worn items from a large range of labels. On Tradesy, the brands that hold the most value are the classic pieces by broadly-known designers, such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and YSL, which sell for an average of 65% of retail value. The site also stocks contemporary designer brands that hold similar value. For example, Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, J. Crew, and even Zara sell for an average of 55% of retail value. Other brands are present as well, as are designer wedding dresses.
Things to Know: The site offers price recommendations to help you sell fast, and handles shipping and returns for a 9% commission.


Shop Hers
The Gist: An online luxury marketplace that allows users to look for hand-picked designer goods from people with similar sizes.
How It Works: Create a free account and start listing as many items as you’d like for whatever price you choose. There’s no bidding, so whenever an item sells, you’ll receive an email and have three business days to ship the item to Shop Hers. From there, the site will inspect and authenticate it before sending it off to its new owner. Another option is the VIP service where Shop Hers will photograph and list your items in your VIP closet. The seller can advise on prices in advance, or simply approve prices suggested by the folks behind the site.
Things to Know: If you choose the VIP option, the site manages all communication with potential buyers and keeps 35% commission on these sales, as opposed to 18%. There’s also a 14 day return policy.


The Gist: A site that allows users to set up e-commerce platforms (i.e., stores) to sell with ease.
How It Works: With a few clicks, you can create and customize your own store, which also enters you into the  Storenvy marketplace, where users all over the world can discover, “envy” (the equivalent of “like”), and buy your things. You can also track sales, visitors, referring URLs, search engine terms and orders all through your store’s dashboard.
Things to Know: Setting up a store is free, and you can use your own domain for $4.99 a month. Also, you can sell new and used items.

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