It’s Official: ‘Selfie’ Is Oxford’s 2013 Word Of The Year

Julie Gerstein
187928720 Its Official: Selfie Is Oxfords 2013 Word Of The Year

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Selfies: We all take them, obsess over them on Instagram and practice our best angles in the mirror (okay, maybe that’s just us). And now all of our self obsession has been validated by the Oxford English Dictionary, no less.

Oxford has deemed “selfie” the word of 2013. “Selfie” beat out “twerk,” “binge-watch,” and “bitcoin” to take top honors.

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Of course, the concept of the selfie is nothing new. We’d venture to say that the idea of the selfie has been around since the beginning of visual expression. There are likely caveman “selfies” lovingly etched into the stone walls of caves across the globe. And artists like Picasso, Lucien Freud, and Frida Kahlo are well-known for their breathtaking self-portraits. Navel-gazing as a human pastime is as old as the stars.

But the word “selfie” only gained momentum in 2013. This statement comes directly from Oxford, seriously: “Its linguistic productivity is already evident in the creation of numerous related spin-off terms showcasing particular parts of the body like helfie (a picture of one’s hair) and belfie (a picture of one’s posterior); a particular activity — welfie (workout selfie) and drelfie (drunken selfie), and even items of furniture — shelfie and bookshelfie.”

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Still, we’ll take selfie over twerk any day.

What do you think of selfie as the word of the year?