Selena Gomez Wrote a Song About Wanting a Boyfriend But Knows She Doesn’t ‘Need’ One

Selena Gomez
Photo: Getty Images.

We really want to listen to this song about how Selena Gomez wants a boyfriend following Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s marriage but it turns out, the track was never released. Selena’s frequent collaborators, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, spilled the beans to The Wall Street Journal on Jan. 8, revealing that this unreleased song was (aptly) titled “I Want a Boyfriend.” According to songwriter Julia, the track came about pretty organically: “I’ll text her and say, ‘What kind of mood are you in?’ One time she responded, ‘I’m feeling strong and happy,’ and then she said at the end of the text, ‘I really just want a boyfriend.’ I thought we should do a song about it,” Julia explains. “She got to the studio, and it all started flowing together.” Oh, what we’d give to hear it!

“I Want a Boyfriend” naturally followed Selena’s split from her on-again, off-again ex Justin Bieber. After Justin married model Hailey Baldwin in Sept. 2018 at City Hall—and sealed the deal a second time in a South Carolina ceremony for friends and family—it made complete sense that the pop star wasn’t going to wait around any longer. With things over for good, 27-year-old Selena had no reservations when it came to expressing her desires for new love. Hence, “I Want a Boyfriend.”

Yet Julia Michaels made clear that Selena isn’t desperate in her search for a new boo: “One of the lyrics is about a fine line between a want and a need,” she told WSJ Magazine. “Yes, she wants a boyfriend, but it’s not a need. She’s okay on her own, and we all should be, too.” Amen!

For now, it seems like Sel is totally OK on her own. She’s been single for over two years since breaking things off with the Biebs. And despite the fact that her other former flame The Weeknd is still writing shady songs about her, we don’t think that relationship is going to pick back up any time soon.