Selena Gomez Tells Paparazzi ‘You’re Scaring Me’ in Heartbreaking Video

Selena Gomez
Photo: Getty Images

With a high-profile relationship (and breakup) with Justin Bieber and more than 135 million followers on Instagram, Selena Gomez is one of the most sought-after celebrity by the paparazzi and tabloids. But that doesn’t mean that she’s used to people stalking her and taking her picture wherever she goes. In a heartbreaking video taken last Wednesday, the 25-year-old singer warns a crowd of paparazzi to stay away, telling them, “You’re scaring me.”

The 30-second video shows Gomez exiting a Starbucks in Newport Beach, California when a crowd of paparazzi swarm around her. When a paparazzo tries to ask Gomez about her relationship with Bieber, the “Bad Liar” singer shuts the camerawoman down, asking her if she could give her privacy for the day. Gomez ends her message to the paps by telling them that they’re “scaring” her, which is why she would like them to stop following her.

“Selena! Is Justin just a little brother to you?” the paparazzo asks.

“Do you guys mind if I just have the rest of the day? Because you’re kind of scaring me.”

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The paparazzo explains that there are other paparazzo around, which leads Gomez to apologize and meekly walk to her car. The paparazzo then apologizes back and tells Gomez that the celebrity-photography industry is competitive, which is why they stalked her. Before closing her car door, Gomez blesses the paparazzi and tells them that “it’s OK.”

“OK. Well, there are other guys here,” the paparazzo says.

“OK. Sorry. Thank you,” Gomez replies.

“It’s competitive. I’m sorry, Selena. It’s really competitive,” the paparazzo tells her.

“It’s OK. God bless,” Gomez responds, closing her car door.

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Though we appreciate that Gomez killed the paparazzi with kindness (like she preaches in her music), she should feel no obligation to apologize. She was in the right to ask them to stop following her, and the paparazzi were in the wrong to invade her privacy. Explaining that the paparazzi industry is “competitive” is not an excuse to violate someone’s privacy or scare them. We hope that the paps took Gomez’s message to heart and stopped following her for the day.

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