Selena Gomez’s Response To Bella Hadid’s Shady Deleted Instagram Post Is Oh, So Righteous

Selena Gomez
Photo: Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage.

Nothing like a little drama after the weekend—or shall we say, The Weeknd? With his exes in contact with each other yesterday, Selena Gomez’s reaction to Bella Hadid’s deleted Instagram post has us doing some serious Monday afternoon analysis. Why would Hadid take down a perfectly good photo of herself only oh, so soon after Sel commented? Is there a connection there? And perhaps a better question: Why did Selena think to comment on a post by someone else who dated her ex? Are we overthinking it here? Let’s let the Selenators decide:

Instagram user selssbrina—AKA Blaire—shared the following post, with a rundown of Selena and Bella’s feud. In a screenshot pictured below, we can see that Selena commented “Stunning 😍” on Bella’s since-deleted photo. User selssbrina wrote, “She’s all about supporting women. You all just can’t take it nicely. Btw Ms Hadid deleted the post,” confirming at the time that Hadid reacted rather harshly to Selena’s seemingly genuine comment. While we don’t know why she’d do so, we can presume that Bella isn’t totally over her feud with Selena after The Weeknd started dating her. You see, not only did Abel and Sel start dating—the pair made headlines when they infamously unfollowed Bella on Instagram two years ago. Since then, however, Bella and Abel dated and broke up again last summer, but we have reason to believe they might be rekindling things this fall.

So everything seemed fine in Selena and Bella territory recently—the 23-year-old model even liked one of Selena’s photos on IG herself. But her latest reaction has clearly even hurt Selena (or left her feeling shady; you read into it what you will!) She left a comment on User selssbrina’s post, writing “That sucks 😢” in response to the news that Bella deleted her post altogether. We feel you, girl.