Will Selena Gomez Play Meghan Markle in This Royal Family Biopic?

Will Selena Gomez Play Meghan Markle in This Royal Family Biopic?
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Every fan who has called Selena Gomez “#queen” on Instagram might see the title becoming a reality when she (potentially) assumes the role of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry‘s just-engaged fiancé, on Netflix’s “The Crown,” a television series based on the life of Queen Elizabeth.

The casting, which would be the 25-year-old singer’s first television role in more than five years, was suggested by “The Crown” actor Matt Smith who appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” to gush about how great Gomez would be as the Royal Family’s newest initiate.

Smith appeared alongside his costar, Claire Foy, when the two were asked their opinion on Prince Harry and Markle’s engagement and who they would want to play her on “The Crown.” Without skipping a beat, Smith threw Gomez’s name into the ring for who he would love to see as Markle.

“Who’s that singer? Who’s the singer who goes out with Justin Bieber? Selena Gomez!” Smith said. “She’s playing Meghan Markle!”

“You love Selena Gomez,” Foy replied.

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Though the two later decided that Gomez’s casting would be highly unlikely, the idea is an interesting one, especially considering Gomez already has ties to Netflix with her own show “13 Reasons Why.” Guess we’ll just have to wait and tune in to see who they actually cast.