Selena Gomez’s Matcha Date Dog Photo Is The Cutest

Kristen Martin
Selena Gomez
Photo: WENN.

So, when you say that you’re not dating anyone, that doesn’t include your pup right? Because Selena Gomez’s matcha date dog photo is the cutest. On September 20, Gomez went out for a matcha day in Los Angeles and she brought her furry friend, Winnie for the ride. With her matcha in her left hand and Winnie in her right (no matcha for the pup), she is wearing a black top with jeans and a pair of red sunglasses. There’s another person next to her whose face is cropped out in the photo, but she’s also wearing a black top with jeans and holding matcha. 

Winnie was first seen during Coachella in April, but formally introduced to us in the summer of 2019 via an Instagram post of Gomez and her friend Anna Collins. The two are sitting outside of a cottage, each holding their pups. They seem to be teaming up for a double dog date as the caption reads: “Your local dog moms 👍.”

As of late, Gomez has reportedly been working on herself, staying out of the dating scene and continuing to advocate for mental health awareness. Just a few days ago, Gomez was honored in Boston at McLean Hospital’s Annual Dinner for her work towards ending the stigma.

During a Coach Dream It Real podcast interview, she said: “I’m looking forward to spending time alone. I think I’m finally, finally at the age where I love being alone.”

She seems to have more time with herself after her break up with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber

We look forward to hearing more about her journey, and of course, many more matcha dates with Winnie. Between birthday parties, hikes, and Coachella, Winnie has been winning, and I apparently need to get on the same level of Gomez’s dog!