This Uncanny Selena Gomez Doppelgänger Didn’t Even Know Who She Was

Selena Gomez
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Whether you’re a dead ringer Channing Tatum or a semi-seeable look-alike for Hailey Baldwin, celebrity doppelgängers tend to at least somewhat know who the celebrity is that they look like. However, not for Erika Montantes, a 23-year-old woman from Nuevo Leon, Mexico, who literally drew a blank the first time someone mistook her for Selena Gomez.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Montantes revealed that the first time she heard comparisons to Gomez was when she was 15 and a high school classmate kept pointing out similarities between the women’s appearance.s ‘When I was in high school, a friend told me “hey! You look like Selena Gomez” and I was like, ‘Who?'” And he kept saying it, so I searched her, and I was like ‘OK we do look a little bit alike,'” Montates said.

Since then, Montantes has grown to look up to Gomez and even consider her a “role model.” “People have been telling me I look like her since I was fifteen, so I started to follow her at that age and she has since became my role model,” she said. “I feel flattered, I think she’s so beautiful and an incredible human being. I love her.”

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Given their near-identical features, such as their round cheeks, plump lips, doe-ish eyes, and chocolate-brown hair, Montantes admits that she looks up to Gomez for fashion and beauty inspiration. “Sometimes I look at her outfits or her hairstyle and I get inspired by her style myself, because I think “If Selena looks good using that, maybe I’ll look good too.'”

And though Montantes has impersonated Gomez once in a video for Instagram, for the most part, she tells fans that she isn’t the “Good for You” singer. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting to take a picture with her. “It’s funny because some of them look surprised when they ask me if I’m Selena and I say no; they either just walk away or take pictures with me,” she said.

The comparisons only escalated when Gomez’s fame rose. Montates recalled a visit to San Diego, California where people wouldn’t stop asking if she was the “Fetish” singer. “She soon became more famous and more people started to tell me that we look alike – even when I went to San Diego, California, people kept staring at me and some of them asked me if I was her—that was crazy,” Montates said.

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However, being a celebrity look-alike isn’t all fun. Montantes reveals that she does have her fair share of haters who think that she’s trying to impersonate Gomez. To cope, she’s learned to ignore the hate and let it roll off her shoulders.

“Some haters think I want to be Selena or that I try to look like her, which is wrong. I don’t try to look like her or act like her because I know that she is Selena and I’m Erika—different people, you know?” she said. “I’d like to say that no matter how rude people are, just ignore them and keep going.”

Though Montates is far from Gomez’s twin (in some pictures, she looks like a cross between Gomez, Camila Mendes, and Becky G), it’s undeniable that they look alike. See her most uncanny pictures below and determine her look-alike potential for yourself.

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