Selena Gomez Says ‘Every One’ of Her Exes, Including Justin Bieber, Thinks She’s ‘Crazy’

Selena Gomez
Photo: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/MEGA.

Single and not ready to mingle. Selena Gomez said Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and other ex-boyfriends think she’s “crazy” in a YouTube video with NikkieTutorials. In the YouTube video, which was uploaded on Sunday, September 6, and promotes Selena’s new makeup brand, Rare Beauty, the Wizards of Waverly Place alum and the YouTube star, whose real name is Nikkie de Jage, talk about relationships.

At the 19-minute mark of the video, Selena discusses how her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, has joked about doing her makeup for her wedding. “He will be doing my makeup for my wedding, which is never gonna happen,” she said.

Selena went on to tell Nikkie that “it’s hard in quarantine” to date before clarifying to viewers that her sentiment was “not an invitation” for interested suitors. “It’s just funny that I release things that say I want a boyfriend and stuff…and I’m like, ‘I didn’t really mean it, though. Guys are a lot of work,” Selena said.

That’s when Selena called “every one” of her exes, including musicians Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Zedd, thinks she’s “crazy.”

She continued, “Every one of my exes thinks I’m crazy. So, I don’t care.”

Along with Justin, The Weeknd and Zedd, Selena has also been linked to Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Orlando Bloom and Niall Horan. Her longest relationship was with Justin, whom she dated on and off from 2011 to 2018.

After the release of her 2019 single, “Lose You to Love Me,” which is believed to be about her toxic relationship with the “Baby” singer, Selena did an interview on The Zach Sang Show where she opened up about the mistakes she’s made in her past relationships.

“I want to know what that love will look like next for me,” she said at the time. “I want it to be real and I don’t want it to be codependent or messy or lack of communication.”

She continued, “When you get older, you find people who are actually right for you, that are actually on the same wavelength as you.”

Selena went on to reveal that it took a while before she was used to being single. “I’ve been having way too much fun being on my own,” she said.. “It sucked for the first year. I was like, ‘I just want to cuddle. I just want to watch something and be adored.’ But now it feels good, it feels awesome.”

The former Disney Channel star also said that she wants to “do so many things differently” in her next relationship.”I would be very transparent,” she said.  “I don’t have room to buffer things that I need or that I want. I think girls can sometimes be scared of that because we’re viewed as crazy or needy or overthinking things or dramatic.”

She continued, “But I never want to lose the sense of love that I imagine it to be. I don’t want to be jaded or bitter from anything. I believe that it exists. I’m happy waiting for that for however long it takes because we’re going to be doing this forever.”

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