Fans Think Selena Gomez Cast a Justin Bieber Look-Alike in Her New Music Video

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Photo: Getty Images

It has almost been seven months since Selena Gomez released her last single, so to say that fans are excited for the music video for her new song, “Back to You,” is an understatement. But that isn’t the only thing that fans are talking about. On Thursday, after the 25-year-old singer released a teaser for her “Back to You” music video, fans couldn’t help but point out how Gomez’s swoopy-haired love interest looks a lot like her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Last week, Gomez tweeted a 15-second teaser for the music video, which will be available exclusively on Spotify. The clip featured Gomez with a blunt bob frolicking in a meadow and driving in a car with a love interest who looks uncannily like Bieber. In one part, Gomez can be seen sitting in a car with a love interest who sports the same swoopy haircut and boyish charm that has become Bieber’s signature.

Of course, rumors have swirled that “Back to You”—a love song about an on-again, off-again romance—was about Bieber, whom Gomez has dated several times since 2010, since she released the song a week ago. Now, after Gomez cast what some are calling a Bieber look-alike in her music video, fans are convinced that the tune is a message to her ex.

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Naturally, Gomez isn’t the only the singer who fans have suspected to a cast a look-alike for their ex recently. When Zayn Malik released the music video for “Let Me” in April, fans were confident that he cast a doppelgänger for his ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, to play his love interest.

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No word yet on who the Bieber look-alike is in Gomez’s music video is, so we can’t tell you if he’s a true doppelgänger or was styled to look like a dead-ringer for the singer’s ex. Either way, Malik and Gomez are setting a precedent that if you’re going to be singing about your celebrity ex, you might as well go for authenticity in the music video as well.