Selena Gomez & Hailey Baldwin Go to the Same Yoga Studio—Have They Seen Each Other?

Selena Gomez
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

SO—it seems Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin avoided each other post-Justin Bieber Instagram. According to a source for Hollywood Life, Hot Pilates, West Hollywood pilates studio, is a favorite for both Bieber’s ex and current wife, but they’ve made a point to not see each other. The news comes a month after Bieber confessed his love for both Gomez and Baldwin on Instagram. The natural question is: How do Gomez and Baldwin avoid running into each other in class? Because let’s be real, running into your ex-boyfriend’s wife would probs be hella awkward. Especially considering all the the drama that’s surrounded the trio in the past few weeks. (TBH— they’re probably not even clued in to what people are talking about; we’re guessing they’re off happily living their separate lives). Regardless, there’s no need for anyone to be concerned about a possible vinyasa flow pose-off. A source at the studio HollywoodLife that Gomez will definitely not be running into Baldwin, and the two will absolutely not end up in the same class.

“Selena always does private sessions, so there’s no way her and Hailey would ever end up in the same class. So far they’ve never even been at the studio at the same time. They’ve come in a day or two apart, but never at the same time,” the source explained.

Apparently, Gomez has long been a fan of the hot yoga studio.  In a previous article, a source close to the “Wolves” singer told HollywoodLife that hot yoga is part of Gomez’s “self-care routine.” “Being in L.A. has been overwhelming for Selena at times in the past but, for now at least, she’s happy spending time there and getting back into some of her old routines like hiking in the hills and hitting up her favorite pilates studio,” the source said. “Selena’s friend owns the studio so she feels very comfortable and safe there. And it’s an amazing workout.” Well, we definitely approve of workout-induced endorphins.

Get your flow on, girl!

Also TBT to this tweet from Baldwin way back in 2013. Yoga pants have always made the model happy!!

And this one from January, 2014. We believe in you, Hails. If you can’t get through hot yoga, we’re all doomed. So we believe you can prevail.