See Rachel Bilson and Karl Lagerfeld’s Ice Cream Ad (Video)

Kerry Pieri

It’s not every day Karl Lagerfeld shoots a commercial for anything that might be found for less than $6 at the local deli. It’s possibly even more rare that Rachel Bilson would opt to star in said commercial. And since Baptiste Giabiconi does whatever Karl tells him to, it’s not that shocking that he’s in said commercial (which is not to say I wouldn’t do whatever Karl told me to do as well). But it’s maybe most insane that the video premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last night.

The Magnum Ice Cream spot called “Photo Mood” has Baptiste acting, telling Rachel to “focus” and “I don’t like zee hair” and ends with the actress taking a “Calgon” moment with an ice cream bar. It’s cute! Watch on. There’s more where this one came from.

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