See Inside Khloe Kardashian’s Closet, Burberry Goes to China

Kerry Pieri

I am an advocate of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger.


These are Khloe Kardashian’s shoes. I mean… (Elle)

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Betsey Johnson designed three hats for the Kentucky Derby, which will be unveiled May 6 and 7 Johnson. Proceeds from two of the designs will go to The National Breast Cancer Coalition and Gildas Club of Louisville. (WWD)

In case you weren’t in Beijing, see Burberry’s amazing event in China on YouTube. (Burberry YouTube)

Emma Watson feels badly for Kate Middleton, saying, “”Poor girl, that must be an incredible amount of pressure. I hope she’s enjoying it. It must be intense.” (Vogue UK)


RT @drewpsie Just because you dress up does not mean you are fashionable. Cold yet true.

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RT @THELOVEMAGAZINE Abbey Clancy’s flat stomach We wouldn’t expect anything less.

RT @GiltGroupe Gilt’s giving away a free Marchesa wedding gown as part of our big Wedding Shop sweepstakes; spread the word! And if you win, I think you should give it to me.

RT @NETAPORTER Hottest party this weekend? Mulberry Creative Director Emma Hill’s barbecue at the Parker Hotel during Coachella. RSVP? Yes please! I’d like to RSVP to Coachella, generally speaking.

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