Sebastian Professional’s Marylle Koken: Featured Expert Of The Week

Susie G

marylle koken1 Sebastian Professionals Marylle Koken: Featured Expert Of The Week

It’s Monday and that only means one thing–StyleCaster has got a brand new featured expert for the week for our Ask An Expert, Be An Expert series. For the next seven days, Sebastian Professional Design Team Stylist Marylle Koken will be the resident beauty and style guru to help answers all your personal conundrums.

As a stylist and a salon-owner extraordinaire based out in Venice, California, we were dying to know if Marylle had a few tips and tricks up her sleeves on how to tame frizz when the temp starts to get a-scorchin’. Especially with the summer season just around the corner, there’s already a few of us gals here in the office that are starting to prepare for the potential frizz fest with the months ahead.

But thanks to Marylle’s genius hairstyling savvy and Sebastian Professional’s bold and fearless products, we’re definitely going to keep note of all of these frizz-fighting tips listed down below:

1. “To fight those crazy frizz-filled days, the most important thing is to start with a solid foundation. And that means starting with the right formula for your hair! I would recommend Sebastian Professional Drench Shampoo and Conditioner. (You can never go wrong with frizz fighting agents that also add extra moisture and nourishment!)”

2. “Another great tip is to use paper towels after washing the hair to get out the extra moisture (this helps to prevent extra frizzies that are caused by roughing up the hair cuticle). Then follow up by combing through Sebastian Professional Potion 9 from the mid-shaft to the ends. And if you’re feeling like adding a little extra protection, apply a small amount of Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber which will not only fight frizz but add some incredible shine!”

3. “If your hair is extremely frizzy and difficult to manage, using Sebastian Professional Drench Deep Moisturizing Treatment will become your ultimate best friend! Use this treatment after washing your hair, leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse. Do this two times a week to help achieve that frizz-free hair we all desire!”

Have a beauty or style related question for Marylle? Don’t forget to head over to our “Ask an Expert, Be an Expert” forum where you can ask any style, beauty or product-related question and get answers from both the community and this week’s Featured Expert!

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