Season Swap


Spring has finally arrived, New York. Which means it’s time to do the ritualistic change-over of the closet. The task could be a bit daunting but having lived in NY for a few years now, I am starting to get the hang of it. It all comes down to unpacking the boxes of spring dresses, short skirts and silk tops that have been tucked away for months and then leaving it up to the experts to revitalize, renew and in some cases, resole life back into my wardrobe. I checked in with our friend, Doug Greenberg from, the premier wardrobe service, to get his recommendations on who to turn to in my time of need. This is the voice of an expert so, listen up:


Doug Greenberg, Vice President of Garde Robe:

From time to time, clients, friends and colleagues will ask me, “do you know any cheap dry cleaners that do a great job?” My answer is always the same, “Not unless you have cheap clothing!” If you dress to impress, then hear this loud and clear – don’t try to skimp on garment care. Would you buy a Rolls Royce and take it to your local gas station for a tune up? If you are going to spend money on designer clothing, shoes, and accessories, proper garment care is important to protect that investment. Proper maintenance can extend the life of you wardrobe by several years, which saves money in the long run and avoids the heartbreak of having your suede purse comes back from the local dry cleaner looking like a dried apricot that has been sitting in the sun on a hot summer day.

Here is a sampling of some of the best garment care service providers:

Tailoring: Dani New York, 212.366.1572, (Joe and his team are true professionals in every sense. They work with designers as well as individuals.)

Fur Care: Jack/Paul Waltzer @ Dennis Basso, 212-794-4500 (Walzer is THE place to bring your furs. They do a wonderful job of repairing and revitalizing, which you should do regularly to keep your fur and skins looking great)

Storage and Preservation: Garde Robe, 212-255-3047, (Garde Robe is the city’s only luxury clothing storage and valet service. Every garment in storage is photographed so you can log on to the website and choose the piece(s) you want delivered that day. Imagine having endless closet space…)

Green Dry Cleaning: Meurice Garment Care, 800.240.3377, (Dry cleaning is not a profession, it’s a science. Wayne Edelman and his team at Meurice are knowledgeable, capable experts.)

Shoe Repair: Top Service, (212) 765-3190 (A great cobbler can keep your favorite pair of shoes looking pristine for years. Don’t wait until it’s too late – clean and resole your footwear regularly.)

Handbags: Margaret’s Clean By Mail service; 866.454.2375, (There’s a good reason why fashionistas from all over the country send their irreplaceable handbags to Chuck Horst and his team at Margaret’s. Simply the best!)

Leather: Leather Spa, 212-262-4823; (Never send leather or suede pieces to your local cleaner. You’ll be sorry if you do.)

Tie Cleaning: Tiecrafters, 212-629-5800 (Tiecrafters has been in business so long, they forgot more about ties than anyone else will ever know.)

Reweaving: Alice Zotta; 212-840-7657; (Damn those moths!! If your cashmere was chomped, bring the piece to Zotta. If it can be saved, they are the people who can do it.)

Spot Specialist: Eduardo Herrera at Earth Cleaners, 646-257-9434, (Eduardo performs his spot- and stain-removing craft behind the counter at Earth Cleaners on 8th Avenue near 23rd Street. He has restored countless pieces for designers and museums over the years.)