Sean Parker Wedding Details: Tech Mogul Spends $9 Million on Decorations

Spencer Cain

The wedding between Napster and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker and his baby mama Alexandra Lenas has already created a ton of buzz, and with good reason: the wedding—confirmed for the weekend of June 1—is apparently medieval-themed and guests will receive custom costumes they were required to wear. Parker has disputed the report, though he did say that guests will be sent pre-approved attire.
Now, the latest piece of gossip surrounding the tech titan’s big day is that he has shelled out $9 million on decorations. You read that right: Nine million dollars.
According to TMZ, the main event will take place at the swanky Ventana Inn in scenic Big Sur, California, and to truly set the scene, Parker apparently hired a top landscaping company to cater to his every whim. They are in the process of building fake ruins, waterfalls, bridges, ponds, and a cottage. Additionally, there is a large gate (said to cost around $600,000), a dance floor (that’s another $350,000), and flowers and plants adding up to more than $1 million. Combined with all other amenities, decorations and landscaping alone are reportedly costing a whopping $8.6 million.
Given the anticipated cost of catering, liquor, and the custom costumes, this couple will be lucky if they can swing this shindig for under $15 million—not that it probably matters.
Click here to see photos of the lavish wedding being built, and let us know your thoughts on the splashy celebration!
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