How to Quickly Delete Screenshots Taking Up Storage on Your Phone

how to bulk delete screenshots

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If you’re anything like us, your phone’s photo album is clogged up with screenshots of quotes you love from Instagram, outfits you want to copy from blogs, and Tinder conversations you had to share with your friends. The downside to this: Your phone is constantly running out of camera memory, and a spur of the moment snap often sends you into a photo-deleting frenzy in an effort to free up enough room for the new shot. Ugh.

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This is hardly an issue for Android users, whose phones have a separate folder just for screenshots that makes deleting them a breeze, but for iPhone users it’s an absolute effort to sort and delete old screenshots.

That’s why we’re pretty excited about finding “Screenshots”, a free iPhone app that will easily delete your not-so-valuable screenshots for you and save you from scrolling through months of photos. This thing is useful, maybe even genius.

Plenty of similar apps already exist, but Screenshots is by far the best, thanks to a couple of clever features. First, it actually recognizes what app you captured the images within, and files them into different folders. So your Facebook screenshots can be kept separate to your Instagram or Pinterest screenshots. Second, Screenshots is smart enough to tell what kind of information is within the screenshot–telling the difference between photos, texts, and links.

After downloading the app, it’ll take a few minutes to scan and sort your screenshots into folders. Then, you can either simply feel smug about how uber-organized your phone is, or you can go ahead and bulk delete the folders to free up room. Clever.

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