Scott Disick Won’t Propose To Sofia Richie Until Kourtney Kardashian Is Married—Um, Sir

Aramide Tinubu
Scott Disick & Sofia Richie
Photo: Getty Images.

So this is really interesting. Just when we thought things were peachy keen with this trio, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie won’t marry unless Kourtney Kardashian is married first. Look, Scott has been an upstanding man for the past couple of years, but this foolishness sounds like some nonsense from his former f*ckboi days. Though Scott just turned 36, he’s been officially dating his model bae Sofia, (age 20) for the past several years. They’ve been living in blended family bliss, but now Scott may have thrown a wrench into their plans.

It’s no secret that Sofia and Kourtney have grown super close. The reality starlet was apprehensive at first, but seeing how well Sofia treats her kiddos, Mason, Penelope and Reign–she warmed up to her considerably. The trio has also taken vacations together with the little ones. Since there were rumors that Scott and Sofia were talking marriage, we’re low-key shocked that Scott has pumped the breaks–hard. An insider told Hollywood Life,

Scott loves Sofia and feels that marriage and children are a thing down the line but Scott would feel more comfortable for all that to happen if Kourtney would be married before them. Scott feels that he would hurt Kourtney and the kids feelings if he is married and Kourtney isn’t. Scott is aware that many would think that it was potentially a weird thing to feel that way since Scott and Kourtney are no longer romantic but that is what is going through Scott‘s mind. He doesn’t want it to look like an excuse even though some might feel that it is absolutely an excuse. Its just Scott‘s frame of mind and will likely determine his future with Sofia in the marriage and children department.


If Scott thought Sofia was too young to be anyone’s wife, we would get that. However, this excuse just sounds silly as hell. We know that Kourtney has been vocal about her desire to get married, but unfortunately, she hasn’t found Mr. Right. Of course, we want everyone to be happy in this situation (especially the kiddos), but to delay your own engagement because someone else hasn’t found love seems absurd.

But hey we don’t live in Kardashianland so what do we know?