Scott Disick Liked an Old Pic of Him Kissing Kourtney Kardashian & That’s…Interesting

Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images.

Remember the first rule of social distancing: Don’t text your ex. You’ll also probably want to stay off their social media pages to avoid going down memory lane. But Scott Disick liked an old Kourtney Kardashian kiss Instagram photo recently, so we don’t blame you if you can’t resist. Not even Lord Disick can!

The 36-year-old was clearly feeling nostalgic and looking to fill all his newfound free time (we can relate), so like any of us would, it looks like he went on an Insta deep dive. And we mean deep—somehow, he landed on some romantic throwback flicks of him and his ex, Kourtney, 41.

The photos were posted by a fan account, originally at the username @kourtneyarchives. In one photo, Scott and Kourt can be seen exchanging a kiss in what looks to be a parking lot (and, uh, Scott also happens to be barefoot. Why? Who knows). In another photo, things get even juicier when Scott is seen grabbing Kourtney’s bum! And present-day Scott decided to give these photos a good old heart react on the ‘gram (though he has since unliked the post). We see you, Sir.

Now, all of this would barely be news if Scott was single—after all, he is the father to Kourtney’s three children, and they were together for the better part of a decade before splitting for good in Feb. 2017. But as these things go, there’s another lady involved: Sofia Richie. The 21-year-old model has been dating Disick since late 2018. So what’s with all this lurking on his ex?

To be fair, Scott has always been open about his feelings for Kourtney. No matter what, they’ll always have a connection. In 2019, Scott explained in an episode of KUWTK whether he thinks they’re still soulmates all these years later: “I definitely don’t want to disrespect my relationship with Sofia because it means a lot to me,” he said. “Whether Kourtney and I are soulmates or not, I feel like I owe a lot to Kourtney for the times that I missed when I wasn’t the best partner to her. So I feel like I will forever be making up for that lost time for the rest of her life.”

“I think at first when you hear soulmates, you assume two people must be together,” he clarified. “We obviously aren’t, and we’re doing very well.”

Well enough to still like those #TBT flicks, it seems!

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