Scott Disick’s Look-Alike Asked Out Kourtney Kardashian After Her Split with Younes Benjima

Scott Disick’s Look-Alike Asked Out Kourtney Kardashian After Her Split with Younes Benjima
Photo: David Becker/Stringer For WireImage/Getty Images.

If you think you’ve seen Scott Disick walking around your small New Jersey suburb lately…you’re wrong. Instead, you’ve been seeing this guy:

Paul Pennacchi was recently coined by Page Six as KUWTK star Scott Disick’s “doppelgänger,” and has since stirred up a lot of talk. He’s even been offered “up to like $500 to $1,000” by Disick’s fans just for a photo!

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Obviously, Scott Disick is the first person that comes to mind when we see photos of Pennacchi—but the second person we think of is definitely Disick’s longtime ex-girlfriend (and American royalty), Kourtney Kardashian. What the heck does she think of this guy, who physically resembles the father of her children in pretty much every way?

A few weeks ago, Kardashian hosted the grand opening of the Sugar Factory in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where her posse noticed the look-alike at a nearby table. Unfortunately, no word from Kardashian on whether she’s got an opinion, but sources close to the family say “Kourtney and her team were stunned by the similarity but laughed it off and continued enjoying the night.” Sounds like the star wasn’t fazed.

At the restaurant, Pennacchi didn’t go out of his way to meet Kardashian… but as of August 7, he’s stirring the damn pot. Page Six’s Twitter account posted this video of him asking the reality star on a date, given her recent breakup with longtime boyfriend Younes Benjima.”Kourtney, word on the street is that you’re single. And I’m recently single now. Scott dates a twentysomething-year-old. I’m a twentysomething-year-old. We would be a perfect match for each other,” Pennacchi says.

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We’re speechless. And, so far, so is Kardashian. But obviously, if we catch wind of any tea, you guys will be the first to know. Until then, we’ll be on the edges of our seats.