Scorpio, Your September Horoscope Implies Creativity & Romance

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your September Horoscope Implies Creativity & Romance
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This month, you’re tapping into your humanitarian side! After all, your Scorpio September 2021 horoscope begins with a powerful opportunity to gather friends and acquaintances so you can all contribute toward a higher ideal. A new moon in your 11th house of community takes place September 6, encouraging you to cooperate with likeminded people and serve a mighty purpose together.

Things will start to feel really beautiful as of September 10. This is when Venus enters Scorpio, sending all her blessings of love, beauty and indulgence your way. When Venus is in your zodiac sign, you tend to feel more magnetic and desirable, attracting all sorts of people like a moth to a flame. Enjoy reveling in the magic of being you, because truly, there’s no one else like you!

Around September 14, you may feel like slowing down and embracing a more introspective outlook. As Mars lights some incense in your 12th house of spirituality, you may not feel so motivated to get ahead or conquer the world. Instead, you may feel more inspired by releasing your ego and engaging in therapeutic endeavors. Embrace it! You’re a spiritual being, Scorp!

The full moon on September 20 has the power to be a massively creative and romantic moment. After all, this full moon takes place in your artistic and enchanted fifth house, helping you realize what makes you happy. This full moon has the potential to launch you toward creative projects that allow you to express yourself. It may even help you realize you’re ready to fall in love!

Once Libra season begins on September 22, you’ll continue to explore your spirituality, embracing solitude and a more dreamy perspective on life. There’s no rush when there’s so much beauty to revel in! However, there may be some abrupt changes in your love life by September 23, when Venus opposes Uranus. This could lead to unexpected separations, but also surprising and exciting new relationships, too.

As Mercury stations retrograde in your 12th house of the subconscious on September 27, the month ends with you digging deep into your psyche, delving into the thoughts, feelings and memories you’re ready to understand and release. Let your spirit guide the way, Scorpio!

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