This Scorpio Season Might Just Get Us All Hot and Bothered

This Scorpio Season Might Just Get Us All Hot and Bothered

Dearly beloveds: Don your darkest, most dramatic lipstick and your highest of high heels because Scorpio season 2019 is upon us. Beginning Oct. 23 and lasting until Nov. 21, Scorpio season is here to kick things up a notch. If you know (or are) one, then you’ll know that Scorpios can be so intense and driven that they’re often mistaken for a fire sign. But NOPE, they’re just as emotional as your sweet, crybaby Cancer friend—but with the calculated and ambitious exterior of a Sagittarius. What a combo! Let’s see what the next month has in store for us, shall we? 

A fixed water sign ruled by Pluto (oof, the inherent contradictions inside you, Scorpio!), Scorpios are calculated, intense and emotional. Pluto rules both destruction and transformation, so Scorpios are prone to burning it all down and rebuilding areas of their lives. Perhaps now is time to examine the things in your life that could be lightly torched and lightly rebuilt. And as water signs, Scorpios are just as deep and emotional as their Cancer and Pisces comrades, but far more moody and dramatic about it all. A Cancer may go full-on crybaby mode, while a Scorpio may become a bit reclusive and brooding, and then eventually decide to give whoever upset them the silent treatment for the rest of the day. And we love them for it. 

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Furthermore, the term “Scorpio” is clearly a derivative from “scorpion.” And just like the arachnids, Scorpios tend to lie in wait, striking at the moment they believe is just right. This sounds very cartoon villain-adjacent, but Scorpios simply know what they want and aren’t afraid to play the long game to get it. And just like snakes, scorpions shed their skin and can do so multiple times, allowing them to experience a series of “rebirths” throughout their lifetimes—and if that isn’t telling of Scorpio’s intense determination and resilience, then we don’t know what is.

But Scorpios aren’t the only ones able to harness these powers. During Scorpio season, this energy surrounds us non-Scorpios and Scorpios alike, allowing us to shed parts of ourselves that no longer serve us and be “rebirthed.” This sounds incredibly dramatic, I know, but this can look as simple as Marie Kondo-ing your closet or as big as finally searching for a new job or closing the door on a painful relationship. It’s no coincidence that Scorpio season coincides with fall, as the trees shed their leaves and remind us of the prevalence of endings. Things end! And that’s okay. It is a part of life for things to end, to walk away from things and to start anew. The energy this month should help us embrace endings as a natural part of life, shedding our outer shells just like the glorious scorpions do. 

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And, as you all probably know, Scorpios are the sign most closely associated with sex. (Ooh la la.) This doesn’t necessarily mean every Scorpio you meet is a massive horn-dog though, but Scorpio does govern the genital areas—so folks with placements in Scorpio are naturally drawn to the closeness and intensity that comes with a deep understanding of sexuality. (And if you’ve got a Venus (love) or Mars (aggression) placement in Scorpio—then good LUCK, my friend.) 

Arguably the witchiest of signs, Scorpios are deeply in tune with themselves and others, thanks to their highly intuitive nature. Remember how we said Scorpios aren’t afraid to get what they want? To work towards that, you have to know what you want in the first place. Scorpios without this sense of direction can be hot and cold—one day they’re throwing pebbles at your window and professing their love, and the next morning they’re dodging your calls. Take time this Scorpio season to sit quietly with yourself and see what your true desires are and what really lies in your heart. Then, as any good Scorpio would, figure out how to work towards it and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. 

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Halfway through Scorpio season, though, we’ll encounter a full moon in Taurus, providing us oppositional grounding energy in the midst of an intense and emotional month. Taurus is known for being a sensory and grounded earth sign, so in the midst of swirling Scorpio emotions, find comfort on Nov. 12 in the ease of the external.

Oh, and did we mention Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween? It’s fine, you’ll be fine—just pay careful attention to your communication with others during this time. It’s easy for wires to get crossed, but it’s totally possible to not let a shift in the planets completely destroy your life (you’re a smart person, you’ve got this). 

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We’ll carry on into autumn transitioning from indulgent but balanced Libra to brooding and intense Scorpio energy. Earth signs, so logical and grounded, can learn from the intensity of Scorpio by leaning into their emotions and allowing themselves to feel deeply. Air signs, so lighthearted, can let themselves get a little moody and a little broody during this next month. And fire signs, always ready to pick a fight, can learn from Scorpio’s tendency to sit back, process, and then strike when the moment is right

Enjoy the intensity and sensuality of this Scorpio season, babes, ’cause bold and loud Sagittarius season will be upon us soon.