Scorpio, Your October Horoscope Says To Let Go Of Drama

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your October Horoscope Says To Let Go Of Drama
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Your Scorpio October 2021 horoscope is here and it begins on a highly spiritual note. You may feel incredibly introverted as this month begins—on October 6, a new moon will sparkle in your 12th house of the subconscious, bringing hidden feelings to the surface and helping you let go of your ego. Embrace a sense of oneness with the universe, because you deserve kindness and healing after everything you’ve been through!

You may begin craving more stability in your love life by October 7. As Venus glimmers in your grounded second house, the cosmos will encourage you to let go of drama and embrace a reliable relationship that leaves you feeling steady. However, by October 9, hidden tensions may rise to the surface. As Mercury and Mars form a conjunction, long-held secrets could be blurted out in a heated moment. Be prepared for startling revelations!

These revelations will begin to make more sense by October 15. This is when the sun will form a trine with Jupiter, helping you connect with your intuition and confidently embrace your spiritual needs. Let your inner world lead the way! And by the time Mercury stations direct on October 18, you may start feeling less lost in your own little world and more present in the here and now.

By October 20, you may feel pulled away from your dreamland and forced to face your reality in the physical realm. As the full moon sends insight to your sixth house of work and health, you may become more aware of how you can take better care of yourself and improve your productivity and persistence.

All of this is preparing you for a Scorpio season that you can take full advantage of! Your solar return begins on October 23, helping you realize all the ways you’ve grown over the past year and come to terms with the ways you’ll continue to grow over the next year. You’re a constant work in progress and your’e exactly where you’re meant to be!

Even though things may feel a little uncomfortable by October 30—when the sun squares off with Saturn—it’s only revealing all of the patterns you’re ready to break. That’s growth, baby!

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