Scorpio, Your May Horoscope Predicts Some Financial Ups & Downs

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your May Horoscope Predicts Some Financial Ups & Downs
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Taurus season is here and it’s got you feeling more dedicated to your relationships and open to being inspired by others. However, your Scorpio May 2021 horoscope wants you to take things a little deeper. By May 8, Mercury and Venus will be coursing through your intimate and investigative eighth house, pushing you to uncover mysteries, delve into secrets and form close emotional bonds in which your whole heart is invested.

In fact, by May 11, you could be building a new understanding of relationships altogether. As the new moon creates new beginnings in your seventh house partnerships, you may be forming new, quirky and eccentric connections with people who totally inspire you. And as Jupiter enters your passionate fifth house on May 13, any of these relationships could certainly become romantic. Not only will this light a fire underneath your creative potential, but it will also leave your heart filled with desire. Are you blushing, Scorpio?

You’re breaking through communication barriers by May 17 when the sun forms a trine with Pluto in your talkative third house, helping you discuss topics that usually feel taboo or dark, but will ultimately leave you ready to be more vulnerable about your truth. As Venus forms a trine with Saturn in your cozy fourth house on May 19, you have the opportunity to enrich your relationship with the most important people in your universe. This energy will leave you feeling so proud of the family dynamic that you’re willing to create!

When Gemini season begins on May 20, it could rock your financial status. After all, on May 26, the lunar eclipse will rush through your second house of cash and possessions, which may leave to unexpected financial windfalls (as well as unexpected financial losses). However, all of this unsettling energy will only encourage you to forge a foundation that is as unbreakable as iron. Saving for a rainy day may be the answer!

The month ends with you potentially feeling all mixed up in your emotions. On May 29, Mercury will station retrograde, bringing up intimacy issues that you may not have noticed before. It’s time to think about whether you’re investing too much of your energy (or not enough of it) into a relationship, and make some tough decisions from there.

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