Trouble In Paradise, Scorpio? Your June Horoscope Reveals Why

Roya Backlund
Trouble In Paradise, Scorpio? Your June Horoscope Reveals Why
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Based on your Scorpio horoscope for June 2020, don’t be surprised if you start off the month feeling somewhat emotionally heavy, dear Scorpio. After all, you are one of the deepest feelers in the zodiac! With Venus—planet of love and romance—retrograding through your intense eighth house of passion until June 25, you’re exploring ways to find a happy medium between your independence and your desires for intimacy. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by too much closeness with your partner or you worry you might be growing apart, this retrograde will help you identify the problem so you can remedy it appropriately.

BTW, you’re not alone. Literally every zodiac sign is feeling particularly emotional during the month of June, and that’s all thanks to a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse! In astrology, eclipses signify a moment of unexpected change that speeds up your ultimate destiny. When the lunar eclipse dawns on your second house of possessions on June 5, there could be a major financial revelation headed your way. Whether you end up feeling as though you’re being forced to survive on less than expected, or you’re learning how to balance a new source of income, know that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be right now.

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This lunar eclipse is setting you up for a solar eclipse in your ninth house of expansion on June 21, which indicates that you are on the precipice of an exciting journey. This journey may bring you far away from your comfort zone, but I promise, there is so much beauty in it. Prepare to learn a lot about how you can live life to the fullest!

Before you start believing that this adventure will be all smooth sailing, think again. Messenger planet Mercury stations retrograde on June 18, and this might mess up a few of your plans—but it’s all good, Scorpio. This journey you’re about to embark on is taking on a life of its own, and sticking to your plan would ruin so much of its enchantment. Allow yourself to be surprised, and the universe will provide.

Even though Mercury retrograde tends to throw a wrench in your productivity, Mars—planet of drive—enters your sixth house of work and health, where it will remain all summer long! Who says crossing items off your to-do list isn’t a fantastic way to celebrate the sunniest season of all? Prepare to work hard and feel proud of yourself.

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