Scorpio, Your July Horoscope Says Your Relationships May Experience A Sudden & Unexpected Change

Scorpio, Your July Horoscope Says Your Relationships May Experience A Sudden & Unexpected Change
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You’re an extremely powerful zodiac sign, so tap into your energy reserves this month, Not gonna lie, your Scorpio July 2022 horoscope is looking super intense! Take a deep breath and let’s get through this together, by the time it’s over, you’ll feel so proud of the way you handled business.

A thirst for adventure and the desire to increase your level of knowledge will find its way to you this month. Thanks to chatty Mercury entering your expansive and open-minded ninth house on July 5, along with romantic Venus on July 17, you’re seeing the glass as half-full. With all this new perspective you’re giving yourself, there’s a chance you may be operating on a totally different level this month!

On July 5, passionate Mars will activate your seventh house of allies and enemies, bringing a deeper focus on the “other” people in your life. Remember, you attract what you project, so take time to examine your own weaknesses and vulnerability before making major judgments about people. And as a full moon in Capricorn rises in your third house of communication on July 13, you may honor the midpoint of the month by telling someone how you *really* feel. Sometimes, you need to embrace conflict in order to be true to yourself! However, just because an exchange of words was difficult to hear doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be said.

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iMaxTree; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

As the month comes to a close, romance will be in the air, and you’ll want to use this energy to open up to and connect with someone special. Just remember to take things a bit easy, and don’t put too much pressure on your relationships right now, especially as it pertains to the future! Although a grand love affair may turn out to be a temporary fling, it will be exciting and fun, which is why you should totally go for it.

On June 28, a new moon in Leo will give you the chance to address issues that you’ve overlooked in your professional contracts. You may want to draft up new agreements with your business associates! The only thing you may be questioning is the level of dedication your colleagues have to the project you’ve invested so much time in. If you have to spend more energy than expected dealing with matters and taking the burden on yourself, then it may not be the best venture and partnership for you to dedicate your time to.

By the end of the month, you should prepare for a cosmic thunderstorm. On July 31, Uranus will form a connection to the North Node of Destiny, putting a lot of pressure on your relationships. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new possibilities will liven up your heart and add positivity to your vibe. The key is to open yourself up to change and accept that antagonistic forces exist in every great story!

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