Scorpio, Your July Horoscope Focuses On Exciting New Opportunities

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your July Horoscope Focuses On Exciting New Opportunities
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You may find that certain aspects of your personal life are holding you back from your commitment to your career as your Scorpio July 2021 horoscope begins. As Mars—your ruling planet—forms an opposition with Saturn on July 1, how you treat yourself in private will reveal deeper truths about the way you see yourself in public. Remember—the two are always connected.

As the new moon blasts through your expansive ninth house on July 9, you’ll find so many exciting new opportunities are within reach. Let go of stale, outdated perspectives and see the world as your oyster, Scorpio! Grab hold of spontaneous experiences, strive to think outside the box and open your heart to some culture.

You may find that your creative juices are really flowing, especially by July 12. This is when Mercury will form a trine with Jupiter, spilling so much color into your mental space. If you’re an artist, now’s the time to take advantage of the inspiration that will soon be coursing through you! And as the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15, you may find that romance is equally as tantalizing. Don’t be shocked if you find yourself falling in love in unexpected places.

You’re also making so many new friends this month, especially when Venus enters your social 11th house on July 21. This will tap into your extraverted side and encourage you to reconnect with your communities and RSVP “yes” to all the latest parties. You might really start to notice how popular you are once the sun activates your 10th house of reputation on July 22.

Not only will this encourage you to take your professional goals more seriously, it will also inspire you to put your best foot forward as you radiate the image of yourself you’ve always dreamed of. However, don’t forget to focus on what counts, because as a full moon sends warmth to your cozy fourth house on July 23, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what you heart needs in order to feel safe.

Your domestic life will begin bustling with interest as Jupiter retrogrades back into your fourth house of home and family on July 28. For the rest of the year, Jupiter will help you build the sacred space you’ve always wanted.

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