Be Honest, Scorpio—Your January Horoscope is All About Communication

Roya Backlund
Be Honest, Scorpio—Your January Horoscope is All About Communication
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As 2022 begins, you may be a craving long, stimulating conversation. After all, your Scorpio January 2022 horoscope is all about meaning what you say and saying what you mean. On January 2, a new moon will send electricity to your third house of communication, helping you intellectually connect with other on a deeper level.

However, as Venus continues retrograding through your social third house until January 29, it may be hard to establish harmony and trust when communicating. This retrograde is encouraging you to practice validating the person you’re conversing with instead of attempting to solve their problems—or worse, tuning out and waiting for your turn to talk. The most important thing to understand about communication is that we just all want to be heard!

It will be even more important to make sure your emotional needs are met come January 14. This is when Mercury will start retrograding through your fourth house of roots, prompting you to work through the patterns and beliefs you’ve inherited. Those patterns began to protect you at an early age, but do they protect you now? When Mercury retrogrades back into your communication sector on January 25, it will encourage you work on communicating your concerns, especially with siblings.

However, you might gain a whole new perspective come January 17. A full moon will send magic to your expansive ninth house, which will connect the dots and encourage you to step back and look at the whole, not just the parts! Focus too much on the details and you might miss the bigger picture.

By the time the sun enters your compassionate fourth house on January 14, you’ll start gaining a better understand of how you feel at home. This is a beautiful time to redesign your living space and fortify your family dynamics! However, when Mars enters your talkative third house, it may increase the likelihood of an argument. Before you tell someone how you feel, remember to speak with intention—what do you really want to communicate? What response are you trying to elicit?

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