Is a Scorpio in Love With You? How to Attract a Scorpio & Signs They May Be Falling For You

Is a Scorpio in Love With You? How to Attract a Scorpio & Signs They May Be Falling For You
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Like a moth to a flame, one cannot help but be drawn to a Scorpio. Seemingly calm, cool and collected, Scorpio’s mask covers up their enchanting intensity. While Scorpio may appear to be interested in you, it can still be hard to tell since Scorpio doesn’t easily let others in. How can you tell if a Scorpio is in love with you (and what can you do to win their affection)?

Governed by Mars and ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is the fixed water sign with the edge! Complex and brooding, Scorpio tends to come across as initially reserved, if utterly charming. Scorpio’s fixed nature is undeniably loyal and dedicated, sometimes to the point of being dogmatic. As a water sign, Scorpio is no stranger to the extreme depth of emotionality.

“[Scorpio is] able to control their water element more than the other two water signs thanks to their fixed modality making their allure intoxicating. Scorpios are able to manifest [the] depth of emotion and raw passion that is an acquired taste, that once you learn to like you can’t seem to live without,” says quadruple Scorpio Desiree Roby Antila, professional astrologer and author of Sun Signs in Love. 

Only a few know what simmers beneath Scorpio’s languid surface. The depth of emotional intensity is kept at bay since Scorpio’s psychological awareness, covert desire to control, and powerful pride is not meant to be on public display. If you are lucky to penetrate Scorpio’s underworld, then consider yourself one of Scorpio’s closest confidants.

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How to Attract a Scorpio

Attracting Scorpio is a delicate work of art since this highly perceptive water sign doesn’t easily trust anyone or thing. If Scorpio thinks you’re being sneaky or shady, then all bets are off. If you’re too sexually direct or overly promiscuous, then count your losses. If you ask too many questions or refuse to share any secrets of your own, then accept your defeat.

Tip-toeing this fine line will not be easy, so you will need to be mindful of how you pursue your Scorpio. Prepare to play the long game by building trust during this time. Treat any sexual intimacy as a rite of passage with your Scorpio. “Scorpios are not commonly able to emotionally detach their feelings from physical oneness. Therefore, this makes it very difficult for them to share themselves intimately with someone they do not care for. Sex to a Scorpio is a religious act,” discloses Antila.

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What Does Scorpio Need in Love?

If Scorpio is ready to commit to you, Scorpio will have a few dealbreakers—honesty, loyalty and devotion. Think of committing to Scorpio like reading the fine print in a contract since you will want to know exactly what you’re getting into with Scorpio. 

[Scorpio] requires complete loyalty from the one they love; you are either all the way in or all the way out. There cannot be an in-between. They also need complete honesty. Scorpios are human lie detectors, and once trust is broken with them, they will cut ties and never be heard from again,” warns Antila.

If you are ready to hold on tight to your Scorpio, then pledge your allegiance and absolute truth to them. Console Scorpio’s worries by letting them know that you will be genuine, trusting, and honorable in your relationship with them.

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How to Keep a Scorpio

Maintain your love with Scorpio by always keeping them in the loop. Scorpio is known to be penetrating, pensive and even obsessive. “ However, they are not quick to trust out of pure self-preservation,” alerts Antila. Although Scorpio’s empathy can make them practically telepathic, they won’t know for sure until you say something. Even though Scorpio may not be so willing to admit their own secrets, they may feel more self-assured about their relationship when you are direct. Be honest, vulnerable and empathetic. Let them into your secret world and Scorpio will repay the favor. But give Scorpio the grace of time to open up. “Scorpios are secretive, and there are things that will remain secret about them forever, so it is smart to not pry or assume,” cautions Antila.

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Signs a Scorpio Is in Love With You

Antila best summarizes how to know if Scorpio loves you, “There is nothing watered down about the way a Scorpio loves.” True to Antila’s word, Scorpio promises that there will be no mistaking what Scorpio’s love feels like. “When a Scorpio wants you, you will know. They make their intentions crystal clear, so if they are only halfway in with you, there is a reason. They may not privy you to this information, so do not expect an explanation,” muses Antila.

Scorpio’s secretive ways may not make any initial sense, but you will know if Scorpio loves you when you are invited into their underworld. Since Scorpio has already researched and observed you, now it’s your turn to do the same. Without even knowing or realizing it, you will be submerged into Scorpio’s powerful psychological realm. Scorpio will reveal layers of themself that nobody else has seen or experienced to you, making your love uniquely enigmatic.

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What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Scorpio?

Dating Scorpio is not for the faint of heart, so Scorpio may pair best with water and earth signs while struggling to connect on a deeper level with fire and air signs.

Fellow water signs are likely Scorpio’s easiest matches. If Scorpio wants to have an enthralling, psychologically compounded relationship, then Scorpio should seek out another Scorpio. Nobody will understand Scorpio’s sensitivity or depth like another Scorpio. However, both Scorpios will have to keep any self-destructive tendencies in mind to avoid power struggles and control issues within their relationship. If Scorpio is looking for a devoted, nurturing partner, then Cancer might be the perfect match. Cancer can provide a safe space for Scorpio to be vulnerable while Scorpio can give Cancer the dedication the crab needs to feel loved. But Cancer and Scorpio will have to be direct with their feelings to make this match work! Another fantastic option is Pisces since this spiritual zodiac sign can understand Scorpio’s depth while Scorpio can transform Pisces’s creativity. As long as Scorpio feels secure in this attachment, Pisces’ mutability may not be an issue.

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Earth signs can provide that tangible, mental and emotional stability for Scorpio. Of all earth signs, Capricorn is a steadfast match for Scorpio! “If [Scorpio and Capricorn] can get past each other’s walls, they will connect in a private subterranean level… This secret of this pair is concealed in the intricacies of all their deep love for one another. Their unshakable union gives them their indestructible staying power,” expresses Antila. If Scorpio wants an earth sign who matches loyalty and dedication, then Scorpio’s opposite sign, Taurus, is the way to go. Taurus and Scorpio have an unrelenting, intoxicating bond that will push both zodiac signs to love with complete certainty. However, both signs will need to share responsibility for their relationship since neither can have power over the other. If Scorpio wants a more easygoing relationship with an earth sign, then mutable Virgo may be an ideal match. Virgo will never stop working on their relationship, which will complement Scorpio’s desire for regeneration, but both will need to work on having a pessimistic attitude. 

Scorpio may pair surprisingly well with the fire signs! Although Aries and Scorpio may seem like an unlikely pair, both signs are ruled by Mars, so they share a like-minded passion and sexual appetite. If Scorpio wants to make it work with Aries, then there will need to be a considerable amount of understanding on either end since neither Mars-ruled sign can dominate. No other fire sign can match Scorpio’s determination and tenacity like Leo, so this pair might be strenuous yet rewarding. Scorpio can credit Leo for being courageous and passionate while Leo can revere Scorpio as penetrating and hypnotic. But Leo and Scorpio are not an easy match, so they will need to put their pride aside to make it work. If Scorpio is looking for an easygoing relationship, then Sagittarius is a great option! Sagittarius’ jubilant, boisterous nature will shake up Scorpio’s sharpness whereas Scorpio’s observant eye might be what the Jupiter-ruled sign needs in a partner. Both zodiac signs will go through a learning curve about when is the right time to be serious or carefree with each other. 

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Finally, Scorpio’s most challenging pairings are with the air signs. At first glance, Scorpio and Libra might be initially drawn to one another since Libra is typically conventionally attractive while Scorpio is sensually bewitching. As Scorpio gets to know Libra, they may find that they need more than sensual attraction to keep their relationship going! If Libra doesn’t work out, then Scorpio may like the idea of dating Aquarius, but will surely run into a few problems. “Scorpio and Aquarius is [another] tough one. Because of their similar fixed natures, neither one will want to be pushed into anything. They do not need to lead, but they certainly do not want to follow. They both significantly belong to themselves, which, at times, will make it hard for them to compromise with one another. However, if they can adjust to one another’s varied vibrations, their harmony can be powerful and incredibly significant,” cautions Antila. Of all the air signs, Scorpio’s best match would likely be Gemini! Even though this seems like an odd pair, Gemini’s curious, talkative nature would eventually pull Scorpio’s darkest secrets out. These two could chatter for days, but the catch is not fixating on one subject for too long!

However, if Scorpio chooses to be with you, then you will never have to doubt that Scorpio will stray from your connection!

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