Scorpio—Your September Horoscope Says You’re Going Down A Rabbit Hole Of Self-Discovery

Roya Backlund
Scorpio—Your September Horoscope Says You’re Going Down A Rabbit Hole Of Self-Discovery
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Are you ready to explore your inner psyche? Your Scorpio horoscope for September 2022 says it’s time to unleash all those pent-up emotions you’ve been holding inside. As Mercury in your 12th house of spirituality forms an opposition with expansive Jupiter on September 2, there’s a chance that visions from your subconscious could alert you to some deep-seated truths that need recognizing. If you’re already feeling confused, keep in mind that this is only the beginning!

When Mercury stations retrograde on September 9, you can expect your dreams to get super wild, so remember to jot down what you can remember when you wake up in the morning! As this retrograde restructures your intuitive 12th house, you’re remembering what needs remembering and healing what needs healing.This could also leave you feeling lonely at times, as though no one can relate to what you’re going through.

However, you’re also realizing that love is *always* within reach, especially once the full moon in Pisces brings your awareness to your fifth house of romance and creativity. Taking place on September 10, this full moon is helping you find catharsis through artistic endeavors, so follow your urge to reconnect with your inner child and express your innermost feelings and desires!

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Tap into your psychic abilities, because your sensitivity to everyone’s emotions and your strong sense of inner knowing will come in handy on September 18. This is when Mercury retrograde in your 12th house of dreams will once again oppose Jupiter in your sixth house of reality, giving you the inspiration to look inward and walk away with countless self-discoveries. However, as Venus opposes Neptune in your fifth house of romance and pleasure unfolds on September 24, you need to remember—not all that glitters is gold. If you’re still searching for the nostalgia of the past, it may be time to start letting go. The good old days are also happening right now and they’re passing you by!

When a new moon in Libra takes place in your 12th house of empathy and closure on September 25, you’re finding that forgiving yourself is the only way you’ll ever really be able to move on. Forgive yourself for being an imperfect person in the past, as you were a younger version of yourself and you’ve grown so much since then, dear Scorpio.

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