Scorpio, Your October Horoscope Involves Balancing The Spiritual With The Physical

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your October Horoscope Involves Balancing The Spiritual With The Physical
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You’re no doubt counting down the days until Scorpio season begins on October 22, but until then, the sun is swimming through the dreamy, psychic waters of your 12th house of spirituality. Your intuition is sparkling with truth, Scorpio! You may feel like lying low, analyzing your dreams and pulling out your tarot cards, because what you’re craving is a deeper understanding of your world. However, your Scorpio October 2020 horoscope isn’t all about otherworldly things, because a full moon activates in your sixth house of work and health on October 1, reminding you to get the job done in the material realm, too!

This month is all about finding an even balance between your spiritual well-being and your physical well-being, Scorpio. And when a new moon takes place on Oct. 16, it will be time to forgive yourself for all the things you still feel resentful about. You’re only human, and you deserve to move forward without judging yourself!

Give love another chance, especially when Venus sends affectionate vibes to your 11th house of community on October 2. You’re the string that ties everyone together, Scorpio! Gather with like-minded people and witness firsthand how teamwork makes the dream work. When Venus slides into your 12th house of secrets, you’ll start craving deeper and more personal relationships, but might find you prefer your own company over time with anyone else.

However, Mercury retrograde is making a comeback on October 13, and this time, it lands in your first house of the self! You may feel a little off balance during this time; you might even start questioning every aspect of your life. There’s no need to jump to conclusions, Scorp! This is a time of experimentation, and when Mercury retrogrades back into your 12th house on October 27, you’ll experience a time of introspection. Prepare for deep revelations about your place in the universe.

Scorpio season begins on October 22, and in true Scorpio fashion, a full moon lands right on October 31 (All Hallow’s Eve!). Spending spooky vibes straight to your seventh house of partnerships, you’ll have a better understanding of who is meant to be in your life and who you need to say goodbye to. The month wraps with a better understanding of who your true friends are.


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