Scorpio—Your February Horoscope Wants You to Start Planning Ahead & Getting Organized

Scorpio—Your February Horoscope Wants You to Start Planning Ahead & Getting Organized
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Self-discovery and self-improvement are the themes of your Scorpio horoscope for February 2023, Scorpions! With expansive and larger-than-life Jupiter moving through your sixth house of work, you’re ready to grow your daily routine and improve your work situation.

Is it time to look for a job with better advancement opportunities? Should you go out for that raise? Are you ready to finally do something more fulfilling? Jupiter will have you saying “yes, yes, yes”! Take pride in your work and create good habits. Allow yourself to use the optimism and joy of Jupiter to grow your sense of purpose. When cunning and resourceful Mercury forms a positive connection to Jupiter on February 17, you will be able to visualize and plan for the future you want with tact and determination. 

Pluto—planet of intimacy and control—will collide with Venus on February 19, intensifying the emotions in your love life and in your relationships. If you have a significant other, you may be ready to deepen the bond and take your relationship to a whole new level. You’re annoyed by idle chatter and are ready to really understand yourself and the people around you. The same goes for if you’re single. The emotional intensity brought on by the planets will likely give you an opportunity to connect with someone on a deep level. A new romance could be on the horizon, maybe even something unorthodox you have never tried before. This exploration of love is a chance for self-discovery, Scorpions, so see where it takes you!

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Wise Saturn has set up shop in your fourth house of home and family, shedding light on issues around basic security and belonging. This is an opportunity to explore where you feel safe, both externally and internally. Saturn may have you peering into the past, at your upbringing and family-life, to see what truths and information lie there. No matter your situation, everyone needs to differentiate and define themselves from their family at some point. With this energy, you can build a strong foundation for yourself, an inner security that you can carry with you, that nourishes your soul and gives you a sense of belonging no matter what. You are ready to grow and improve yourself Scorpio, so get ready to dive deep!

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