Scorpio, Your February Horoscope Predicts A Return To Your Roots

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your February Horoscope Predicts A Return To Your Roots
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If you feel like canceling plans this month, here’s your permission to do so! Your Scorpio February 2022 horoscope is all about embracing rest and rejuvenation, so light a fire, wear your favorite cozy socks and melt into the couch. A new moon on February 1 will guide you to heal your relationship with your family and cleanse the energy in your sacred space. However, as the sun joins forces with Saturn in Aquarius on February 4, you may come to find there are sensitive issues that must be solved with great care. Strengthen your understanding of what makes you feel at home, because everyone has unique emotional needs.

Once Mercury retrograde comes to an end on February 3, you’ll start establishing a better grasp of your intellectual skills. Your social acuity will only grow stronger with time, so keep your mind sharp by exercising it. Your brain is a muscle, so treat it like one! But as Mercury joins forces with Pluto in Capricorn on February 11, you may discover unsettling information or stumble into an uncomfortable conversation. Respond with patience and intention—your voice is so commanding, your words could leave an indelible mark.

By the time the full moon in Leo rises on February 16, you may feel thrust into the spotlight. After all, this full moon will blast through your 10th house of reputation and career, bringing a professional prospect full circle. Honor what you’ve already achieved, but don’t let it dictate what path you choose next. As Venus and Mars join forces in your chatty third house, you may feel incredibly passionate about your ideas and eager to talk about them. Who knows? Intellectual discourse could eventually become flirtatious banter!

When Pisces season begins on February 18, you might even be in the mood to spice up your love life. As the sun enters your colorful and coquettish fifth house, you’ll start craving a romance that’s downright out of this world! And you won’t have to look very far, because on February 28, you’ll embrace the communication skills that a healthy relationship requires. When you and your partner can actually talk about your feelings, you’re already making progress.

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