Scorpio, Your December Horoscope Is Alllllll About The Money

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your December Horoscope Is Alllllll About The Money
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You’re seeing dollar signs this month, Scorpio. After all, your Scorpio December horoscope begins with a solar eclipse in your second house of finances, which could impart you with a deeper understanding of your relationship with money. Whether your bank account is stalling or expanding, it’s all inspiring you to set savvy financial goals going forward!

In fact, you may feel all the more motivated to increase your income once Mars enters your money sector on December 13. This could prompt you to make money and make it fast! At the same time, you may be more prone to hasty decisions regarding your finances, so think through your next major purchase—especially if there’s a major risk involved. By the time the full moon rises in your eighth house of shared resources on December 18, you’ll be better aware of how you should be investing your money. You might even get a return on a previous investment or finally feel prepared to settle a debt!

However, when Venus stations retrograde on December 19, you’ll start to miss some of the smaller details. As Venus retrogrades through your intellectual third house, it might feel like you’re not thinking clearly, leaving you even more prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Beware of misunderstandings, especially when it comes to your relationships and your love life! When Capricorn season begins on December 21, it will help you refine your understanding of how to communicate effectively.

The stress on your relationships may intensify by December 24. This is when Saturn will square off with Uranus in your seventh house, which could lead to increased tension that forces you to make a decision. You may feel like some of your difficulties with attachment and avoidance make it harder to form a stable and steady relationship, and while your instinct may be to protect yourself, it’s important to remember that love is always a gamble.

All of this is preparing you for a 2022 that’s filled with compassion, creativity and romance! On December 28, Jupiter will dance into your fun-loving fifth house, guiding you toward artistic expression, passionate love affairs and a lot more laughter. You deserve it!

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