Scorpio, Your December Horoscope Comes With A Major Confidence Boost

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your December Horoscope Comes With A Major Confidence Boost
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Bright and shiny things are catching your attention during the month of December, Scorpio, and it ain’t just Christmas lights! The sun will be transiting your luxurious second house of money, inspiring you to make more cash and spend it as you damn well please. Your Scorpio December 2020 horoscope may have you planning out your financials, but it also has you clicking Add To Cart and getting yourself some well-deserved treats.

But money isn’t all this month will be about. When a solar eclipse sends power to your second house of values and possessions on December 14, it will highlight you your ability to rely on your own self-worth in times of strife. Material things come and go, but what cannot be taken away from you is your self-esteem. Let this solar eclipse be the beginning of a journey towards rebuilding your confidence on a much deeper level.

You value trust and loyalty in your relationships and that’s exactly what you’ll find come December 15. Romantic Venus will bask in your sensual and stable second house, helping you solidify your partnerships and weed out the chaos. You deserve relationships that can weather the storms; relationships you can rely on when the going gets tough. Settle for nothing less!

Things will start to get busy by December 21, when the sun activates your electric third house of communication. Not only will you feel like socializing more and intellectually connecting with your circle, but your multitasking abilities will be off the charts. Fill up that schedule, or else deal with the restless feeling of having more energy than you know what to do with.

However, your focus will also be on more private matters come December 21. Karmic Saturn and expansive Jupiter will collide in your fourth house of home and family, causing serious eruptions to follow. Issues that have been lingering in your home life will make themselves known. The experience could be painful, but ultimately healing if you face it head on.

Either way, the end of the month leaves you with a sense of adventure. A full moon in your spontaneous ninth house radiates through your soul on December 29. It’s time to stop worrying about the small stuff and embrace the vast beauty of how big the world truly is.

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