Scorpio, Your August Horoscope Says It’s Time To Get Serious

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your August Horoscope Says It’s Time To Get Serious
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Put on your professional pants, because your Scorpio August 2021 horoscope is encouraging you to take your career more seriously! As a new moon lights a forest fire in your ambitious 10th house on August 8, the cosmos are encouraging you to take authority over your life and your public image.

Some people may not like it when you’re doing well, but never make yourself small just to satisfy them. You deserve to succeed and realize your greatest potential, Scorpio! Remove anything from your life that casts a shadow over your confidence.

Looking ahead, romantic troubles could leave you feeling confounded by August 9. As Venus opposes Neptune, there’s a chance you or your lover might feel unsure of whether this connection is simply platonic or something sexier. You don’t have to know all the answers right now, so take things slow.

Besides, once Venus enters your spiritual 12th house on August 16, you may decide that some alone time is needed before you can decipher your true feelings. There may be a lot to unpack, so give yourself the love and support you need!

By August 18, you’ll be feeling incredibly inspired by your vision for the future. As Mercury and Mars join forces in your humanitarian 11th house, you might feel motivated to gather your community together and enact change for the better. However, passion can reach boiling points, so remember that not everyone will agree with your vision completely.

You might be surprised by the way your personal life can inspire you to work even harder by August 19. As the sun opposes Jupiter, you may discover the reason you take your goals so seriously. Is it because you someday want to buy your dream home? Or provide for a family?

By the time the full moon kindles the fire of your fourth house of home and family on August 22, you may find deeper truths floating to the surface of your heart. Let this be an opportunity to resolve conflicts with your loved ones and grow your love!

When Virgo season begins on August 22, you’ll feel ready to mingle, make new friends and remember what a social butterfly you can be. After all, this is when the sun will activate your community-oriented 11th house, bringing your people together!

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