Scorpio, Your August Horoscope Is All About Embracing Your Power

Roya Backlund
Scorpio, Your August Horoscope Is All About Embracing Your Power
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You’re a boss, baby, and your Scorpio August 2020 horoscope proves it! Leo season means your 10th house of career is fully activated and you’re ready to enlist yourself in competitions and fight for the win! Don’t let the fear of losing hold you back, because you’re so much more powerful than you think. And when messenger Mercury enters your 10th house on August 4, you’ll feel like speaking in front of a crowd and being heard by millions. Your voice carries so much power this month, and your presence will be noticed. If you put good energy out there, it will definitely be returned.

However, a very revealing and mysterious full moon in Aquarius lands right in your fourth house of family on August 4. This full moon will shine a light in your private life, reminding you that the greatest successes always begin at home. If there are matters that need taking care of, now’s the time to do it! Remember: So many problems can be solved simply by spending time with the people who love you unconditionally.

Are you in the mood to bathe in fairy dust and fly away? You’d better be, because when romantic and luxurious Venus enters your ninth house of adventure, you’ll want to break away from the norm and do something wild and spontaneous. Why not take an unexpected road trip? How about learn a new language or brush up on your philosophical pursuits? This month urges you to discover the true meaning of life, Scorpio!

When the new moon in Leo happens on August 18, there will be absolutely nothing holding you back from achieving your career goals. Don’t you dare think too small, Scorpio! Start believing in the impossible, because all great accomplishments always begin with the first step. And even if you fail, so what? You’ll try again! Don’t let early failure discourage you from learning from your mistakes and attempting yet again. Even the masters had to start somewhere!

All of the above is preparing you for a very social, community-oriented Virgo season come August 22. This is a beautiful time for networking, so get to know others and talk about things that matter to you. Who knows? You might just discover someone who has the same exact vision as you, and you can join forces to succeed together.

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