Pucker Up, Scorpio—Your 2022 Horoscope Predicts a Whirlwind Romance

Roya Backlund
Pucker Up, Scorpio—Your 2022 Horoscope Predicts a Whirlwind Romance
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You spent last year tending to your heart, Scorpio. At times, it wasn’t easy, but your Scorpio 2022 horoscope is about to make it all feel worth it! You probably experienced some major reality checks over the course of 2021, especially in your personal life. Jupiter and Saturn brought issues in your fourth house of home and family to the surface, helping you heal wounds that might’ve gone back as far as childhood.

Luckily, 2022 should be way more fun (but just as challenging)! Below, check out an in-depth look at what to expect this year in terms of love, career and your relationship with yourself.



As the year begins, you’ll be in such a flirty mood. Jupiter will be moving through your romantic fifth house, encouraging you to reconnect with everything that makes you swoon! Throughout 2022, you’ll embark on many adventures in your love life. In fact, when Jupiter joins forces with Neptune during mid-April, you may have a romantic experience that feels more magical than anything you’ve ever experienced before.

However, when Mercury stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships as of late May, conflicts that you’ve been avoiding may resurface. In a longterm relationship, it’s normal for the “spark” to go away—but can you accept that relighting it takes work?


You’ll get a better picture of your professional goals once the sun activates your career sector during late July. This will fill you with lots of motivation, especially when it comes to your desire to make a name for yourself! That said, this year, you’re learning that a prosperous career is directly connected to a prosperous home. As the sun forms an opposition with Saturn around mid-August, you may realize just how important it is to find balance between your personal and professional lives.


This year will encourage you to focus on self-improvement and reflection. Once the South Node enters Scorpio in late January, it will spend the remainder of the year revealing the ways in which your ego has stunted your growth. It will also reveal the ways in which you’ve sabotaging your relationships. The North Node will enter your relationship sector, encouraging you to open your heart to others. Embrace harmony and cooperation!

2022 will also be an incredible year for your creative and artistic ventures. As Jupiter spends the year blessing your expressive fifth house, who knows what masterpieces you’ll create!

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